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    Let's keep Nyerere's picture on notes
    (Daily News, 1985-05-21)
    Mwalimu deserves a special honour for the precious time and dedicated services to his people. He has attained deserving stature at home and internationally.
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    Student apology
    (The Nationalist, 1966-11-05)
    We publish elsewhere in this issue the full text of an apology by the Tanzania Students Union to the President, the Government and the nation. In it they express their deep regret over the ultimatum which they put them two week ago. It is signed by the Vice-president for African Affairs of students Union It makes strange reading.
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    Federation not discussed
    (The Nationalist, 1965-08-21) Nyerere, Julius Kambarage
    President Nyerere asked for a "frank and realistic appraisal" of co-operation between the three States in the absence of East African Federation
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    British" Must respect us"
    (The Nationalist, 1965-12-06) Nyerere, Julius Kambarage
    President Nyerere told the people that Britain must respect the Africans. This was due to rebel regime of Smith, declared the president in Rhodesia
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    Mwalimu Nyerere greets Second Vice President Kawawa at Dar es Salaam Airport
    (The Nationalist, 1965-12-06) Nyerere, Julius Kambarage
    On the photo, President Nyerere greets Second Vice-President Kawawa at Dar es Salaam Airport on Mr. Kawawa arrival from Addis Ababa, where he had attended the O.A.U foreign Ministers' Meeting on Rhodesia
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    Be proud of Mwalimu
    (The Nationalist, 1965-08-27) Nyerere, Julius Kambarage
    Minister of State, President's Office, Mr. Kassim Hanga said Tanzania should be proud of her President, Mwalimu J.K Nyerere.
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    President's report to the TANU conference, Sept. 1973
    (Goverment Printer, 1973) Nyerere, Julius Kambarage
    This is a report of Mwalimu Julius K Nyerere- the president of TANU that emphasis in keeping with the earlier policies of TANU and is in conformity with the Arusha declaration.
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    Mwalimu a remarkable personality
    (The Nationalist, 1965-08-20) Nyerere, Julius Nyerere
    The Indian High Commissioner Mr. Rao described Mwalimu J.K Nyerere as a "remarkable personality" when opening Janmashtami Fete at Patel Brotherhood Ground
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    Maendeleo ya uchumi na siasa za watanzania
    (Mpiga Chapa Mkuu wa Serikali, 1966-06) Nyerere, Julius. K
    Hichi ni kitabu kilichoeleza misingi ya imani na maendeleo ya uchumi ya Tanzania, kilichoandikwa na Mwalimu Juilus K. Nyerere mwaka 1966.