A Dissertation of Ten Surgical Conditions

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University of Dar es Salaam
The specialist diploma course in surgery of the University of Dar es salaam covered three years, two of which are devoted to general surgery while one is spent in specialised area of orthopaedics and Truma, .ENT surgery, paediatric surgery, and cynocologic surgery. The candidate takes an active part in energy duties and elective clinical work apart from attending lectures and seminars. This dissertation forms part of the requirements for the award of the master of medicine in surgery degree. It consists of ten surgical conditions seen and party or entirely managed by the author. Five of the conditions are from general surgery, two from orthopaedics and Truma and three from urologic surgery. For each condition a series of cases is studied prospectively and literature on the subject reviewed at the end. I wish to thanks professor P.J. Philip for his undivided commitment to my training for beyond duty during my two years in general surgery and for his advice and criticiam during the properation of this dissertation. I sm in doubted to my teachers in surgery,; professor P.R Hiza , professor J.K Shija, professor .P.M Sarungi, Mr. B. Kiroi, Dr. B.M Minja , Dr .H. Reinearta, Dr M.R.Aziz, Dr S.H.Mlay and Dr D.D.Charles for their help and encouragement. Dr. T..K.Tan, Dr L. Eahlean Dr W. Schlabech and Dr. J.E Iyimo of K.C.M.C. have all assisted me in various ways. I wish especially to thank DR. Japhet Urasa, FRCS , whose advice and quidance before and during my training have been a source of constant inspiration and encouragement. Finally I thanks Dr. C. Likony for his help in photography and Mrs.V. Denzi FOR TYPING This Dissertation
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr.Wilbert Chagula Library, class mark (THS EAF RD34.K571)
Surgery, Cases, clinical reports, statistics
Kinasha, A.D.A (1983) A Dissertation of Ten Surgical Conditions,Masters dissertation,University of Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam.