Institutional strategies to prevent dropouts of primary school pupils in Tanzania

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University of Dar es Salaam
The study sought to investigate the institutional strategies to prevent dropouts of primary school pupils in Tanzania. More specifically the study sought to: identify school strategies in place to prevent pupils’ dropout; examine how effective the strategies have prevented pupils’ dropout; and investigate other interventions that might prevent pupils from dropping out. The study utilized mainly a qualitative research approach and a case study design in particular. The study was carried out within Morogoro district authority, Morogoro region. Stratified random sampling, purposive, snowballing, and convenience sampling techniques were employed to select a sample of 50 respondents. Data were collected through interviews, documentary review and observation and subjected to content analysis. Findings show that dropout existed in schools and that schools possessed strategies to prevent pupils’ dropout including: early academic interventions, parent involvement, and on addressing pupils’ school needs. Strategic actions such as communication, monitoring and reporting, commitment, consensus seeking and coordination enhanced effective implementation of strategies in place. However, lack of strategic leadership skills and assessment and evaluation hindered effective execution of strategies in place. The study recommends that Local Government Authorities (LGA) articulate publicly the effects of pupils’ dropout in education, to pupils, the community and the nation at large. Additionally, LGA should conduct training to school management on strategies’ development and execution. School management should involve pupils and parents in decision making, their role be well articulated and their implementation be well monitored. Moreover, MoEVT should provide a wide range of professional training to teachers to equip them with divergent teaching and learning methods, including guidance and counselling for helping pupils to be self-directed and responsible for their regular attendance and learning, hence, prevent dropout. It is also recommended that further studies be carried out in other areas with a high pupil’s dropout problem for more generalization and how insufficient assessment processes affect strategies execution.
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Droupouts, School children, Primary school pupils, elementary school dropuots, Tanzania
Mlaa, M.M(2011)Institutional strategies to prevent dropouts of primary school pupils in Tanzania, master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam (available athttp://