A comparative study of Chitumbuka, Chinyanja, Chinkonde and Chitonga

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University of Dar es Salaam
This is, to the best of the author's knowledge, the first comparative study of Chitumbuka, Chinyanja, Chinkhonde and Chitonga, all of which are languages spoken in Malawi. The aim of the study is to demonstrate the nature of relationships existing between the four languages from the genetic point of view. In so doing it attempts to clarify some historical as well as linguistic contradictory information, regarding their origins and relationships by Pachai (1973), Guthrie (1948) and Wilson (1950). The study has employed two methods, namely those of "Quantitative Evaluation" and "Phonological - Change." The work is divided into five chapters. The first chapter gives a background to the problem and treats of the problem itself, which is the point of departure for this study. The same chapter comprises the theoretical framework and the methodology including the two methods employed in the study together with their processes of data-collection. The second chapter gives descriptive information pertaining to the four languages with a view to presenting data sufficient to an understanding of the nature of the languages compared. All the processes used in data analysis are contained in the third chapter. A summary and a comparison of the findings of the two methods constitute the fourth chapter. The fifth and last chapter is a conclusion to the study. Consideration, both of practical and theoretical implications emanating from the study and confronted by the researcher in the process, are here outlined.
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Malawi Languages, Classification, Tonga language, Nyanja language, Tumbuka language
Msiska, K. B (1988) A comparative study of Chitumbuka, Chinyanja, Chinkonde and Chitonga, Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at ( )