Good Governance vis-a-vis human rights violations in Tanzania: need for combining extra and intra-legal solutions.

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University of Dar es Salaam
This dissertation investigates the reasons behind continued violations of human rights in Tanzania. The work intends to establish that inspite of the inclusion of the Bill of Rights in the constitution, amendment and repeal of some violative laws, pursuits of the policy for good governance, etc, human rights record in the country is worsening. The research presupposes that, bad governance is the key factor for the said human rights abuse in the country, despite the Bill of Rights and other laws to guarantee the same. To undertake this task, the work is divided into six chapters. While chapter one deals only with the general introduction, chapter two discusses the concept of good governance. The focus of the chapter is to show that good governance is important in a democracy. Further, chapter three is concerned with showing the link or relationship between good governance and human rights. It reveals that the two concepts are interlinked in a chicken-egg fashion. In a nutshell, human rights can best be realized through good governance. Chapter four takes us to the experience in Tanzania, regarding human rights violations in relation to good governance. Plainly, it is shown, that the country has experienced from colonial rule to the present, attributes of bad governance that have led to the continued human rights abuses. Assessment of success and failures of the efforts undertaken by the government to promote human rights through law is dealt with under chapter five. We can evidently see that, law and institutions of governance established infra-legal, are not efficient in the performance of their intended objectives. Together with them, the work suggests that unless an extra-legal approach is adopted to supplement the infra-legal way so far used by the government, the success in the struggle to promote human rights in the country will be far-fetched. Lastly, the work concludes with a summary of observations and recommendations aimed at improving the situation.
Good governance, Human rights violations, Legal solutions, Tanzania
Mabala, J. Z. (2004). Good Governance vis-a-vis human rights violations in Tanzania: need for combining extra and intra-legal solutions. Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (