An analysis of factors causing delays in mapping projects: a case study on Surveys and mapping Division mapping Projects

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University of Dar es Salaam
The need of producing better maps in Tanzania has been plagued with an increasing number of delays in the mapping process over recent decades; delays in various mapping projects are evident . Grant efforts are done to try to reverse the trend but the: approaches are not keeping price with the dynamics and complexity of the mapping exercise. The current conditions of cupping seem to be of more out-dated and more costly to taxpayer theta outcome-oriented. The purpose of this study was to identify the factors that have effects on delays in mapping projects. The research focused on identifying, ranking and finding the impact of these factors. Review of literature, field experience, discussions and survey results indicates that then is a large of factors that have an effect on delays in mapping projects. The research identified several factors, which were ranked and grouped in six major categories. These categories an, project conception and planning; project financing; change in scope/design; exogenous factors; project organization and controlling; and mapping technology and equipment. The techniques adopted for analysis are: Importance Weights technique; Category/Rank Correlation Factors and Percentage Scott Agreement on the case study projects being; Urban sector engineering project. Mbozi district mapping. Southem zone mapping and Lake Zone mapping. The research concludes that Project conception and planning, project financing. project organization and controlling are the thee major causes of delays in most mapping projects. Mapping Technology and Equipment is a unique category indicating problems specifically meant for mapping industry. Other observed significant factors include; Rapid technology change; inadequate blinding/ allocation by (government sector; Incompleteness of project and difficult Public Acceptance/ awareness. Surveys and Mapping is a department in the Ministry of Lands responsible for mapping in Tanzania.
Available in print form, University Dar es Salaam, Wilbert Chagula Class mark (THS EAF GA150.7.B33)
Maps, Reproduction, Map projection, Surveys
Bagenda, R(2005)An analysis of factors causing delays in mapping projects: a case study on Surveys and mapping Division mapping Projects,Master Dissertation, University of Dar es salaam