Road management system: a framework for the local government authorities in Tanzania.

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University of Dar es Salaam
The Tanzania Local Government Authorities (LGAs) manages a road network of 50,000 km covering district, urban and feeder roads. Most of the roads in the network are either in fair or poor condition thus retarding the nation's social economic growth and development, and contributes to the people's poverty particularly those living in the rural areas. In the effort to improve the road sector, the Government has set up the Road Fund Board and established the Road Fund. However, the Road Fund does not fulfill the nation's road maintenance requirements. Although the Government is committed to improve the roads performance through the Road Fund, the already inadequate funds are poorly utilised by implementing agents. This dissertation analyses the road management system in LGAs; Its efficiency and effectiveness; capacity of the councils; and efficiency of LGAs in the utilization of Road Funds. Qualitative and quantitative data were collected regarding the road management system. Interviews to Government officials and a survey conducted to forty two councils by the author also provided the necessary data for the research. It has been established that; there is no optimum allocation of the available road funds; LGAs lacks adequate capacity to manage their road network; LGAs lack adequate financial resources to support the management of their road network; there are no criteria for disbursing road funds to LGAs; and Road Funds are not utilized efficiently. The dissertation concludes that LGAs lack both appropriate road management system and adequate capacity which affects the efficiency and effective utilization of roads funds, and recommends a framework for the appropriate and sustainable road management system. The dissertation also recommends two areas for further studies; road maintenance financing and allocation of road funds to road agencies.
Road management, Maintenance and repair, Local government, Tanzania
Kasuwi, A. O. (2004). Road management system: a framework for the local government authorities in Tanzania. Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (