Assessment of implementation of sustainable practices in the Tanzania construction industry

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University of Dar es Salaam
The Construction industry in Tanzania is growing rapidly with inadequate consideration or environment. Despite its valuable contribution in social and economic development of the country, the industry is a major exploiter of both renewable and nonrenewable natural resources and polluter of the environment. This study involved a survey in which a total number of sixty one respondents were consulted, including Engineers, Project Managers, Contractors, Quantity Surveyors, and National Environmental Management Council. The quantitative and qualitative research design was employed in collecting and analyzing data. Using qualitative approach, it was possible to understand various feelings of officials evidenced by their perceptions towards the project. Data were collected to assess implementation of sustainable construction practices in the Tanzanian construction industry on identification of sustainable construction practices, extent of application of sustainable construction practices, explorations of factors hindering implementation of sustainable construction practices and development strategies to enhance sustainable construction practices. Various sustainable construction practices were identified and the extent to which sustainable construction practices are implemented was found to be low. Waste management and disposal, higher raw materials consumption and high cost of investment and operation in the construction industry sustainably were cited to be critical factors hindering implementation of sustainable construction practices. The study recommends that there should be strengthening of training in sustainable construction practices and methods to all construction practitioners or construction professionals. Also, policies and guidelines on sustainable construction practices should be strengthened.
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, Class mark (THS EAF HD9715.T34K54)
Construction industry, Building projects, Tanzania
Kilamhama, E. Ch (2012) Assessment of implementation of sustainable practices in the Tanzania construction industry. Master Dissertation University of Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam