An analysis of public transport operations: the case study of Kampala city

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study involved an assessment of the public transport operations with in Kampala city building from various studies that recommended for improvements in infrastructure, superstructure and regulation as a means of fostering performance. The study was prompted from observations of various performance bottlenecks in operations, public complaints over performance issues and personal experiences. The study carried out an explanatory case study design, where quota, simple random and purposive sampling techniques were used to obtain data from 152 operators who were the respondents. The findings indicate that; infrastructure, superstructure and regulation had very strong effect on public transport operations and accounted for a variation of 87% on performance. Improvement in the superstructure stands to be the most immediate aspect of the three variables that can be used to improve operations imminently although better results would be realized from a holistic approach. In conclusion therefore unless there is a change in the superstructure, regulation, the current congestion cannot be addressed yet this is deterrent to operational performance. Long term solutions lie in integration of transport activities and encouragement of the use of in large capacity means of transport.
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Public transport, Transportation, Kampala, Uganda
Rogers, W. (2011) An analysis of public transport operations: the case study of Kampala city. Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available athttp://