Assessment of the quality of water service delivery in Peri urban Kenya: case study of Githurai Nairobi

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University of Dar es Salaam
Urbanization in Nairobi has led to increased water stress and challenges for water authorities and planners in Githurai, Kenya to sustainably satisfy the growing demands for water and sanitation. Water for domestic use is scarce for most of the residents due to under designed water supply systems and Jack of corresponding planning and infrastructure development despite the growing population thus rely on unsafe water. This research aimed at assessing performance of water service providers and challenges of improving water service deli very. Data was collected using structured questionnaires in terms of interviews. Focus group discussions, desk study, water quality testing, observation and photograph y. Performance of various indicators varied while water coverage was 80% and others relied on water from kiosks/vendors and unaccounted for water. Some had to economies on the usage thus compromising on their hygiene while others walked for more than 250m in search of water and queued for about an hour. Water quality parameters were within the recommended threshold except chlorine which was above standard. Service level benchmarking and indices showed that the quality of water service delivery was low as infrastructure index indicated that the supply was 2.78 which is basic supply of water resources and accessibility index was 3.98 which is limited access to water resources. Most of the indicators were below the recommended standard due to low water production from the source. Increased illegal connections and wastage of water. Proper maintenance of the current system should be done to reduce high levels of bursts and devise measures that deal with illegal water connections. Water users should be educated on water construction to avoid wastage .
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr.Wirbert Chagula Library, Class mark (THS EAF TD319.K4K37)
Water quality management, Water supply, Githurai, Nairobi, Kenya
Karimi, A. N (2016) Assessment of the quality of water service delivery in Peri urban Kenya: case study of Githurai Nairobi, Masters dissertation, Masters dissertation