Criminal prosecutions in Tanzania

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University of Dar es Salaam
Criminal prosecution is one of the areas of criminal law which in the modern states of the 20th century has turned cut to be a minutely detailed field of statutory rules touching upon the everyday life of an individual in his private and public intercourse with his fellow individuals or institutions or their properties or rights. The statutory details of criminal offences and procedure have arisen of the general principle of legality that punishment should be in flicted for an existing written offence. Criminal offences and procedure in Tanzania too, are statutorily well detailed. In tackling the topical question of criminal prosecution in Tanzania a broad two-tier approach has been envisaged: One of such approach is to discourse the administration of criminal prosecutions in Tanzania, the other one is to discourse the procedure of conducting criminal prosecutions. A presentation of the procedure in conducting criminal prosecutions today would necessarily involve the reproduction en masse of the technically detailed Penal Code and other criminal offence creating statutes, criminal procedure Code and Evidence Act which exercise we feel, would sufficiently be a repetition without adequately answering scientifically how and why criminal prosecutions. Thus, in dealing with criminal prosecutions in present Tanzania in the third chapter we have concentrated on the control of criminal prosecution at the hun (the D.P.P.’s. ). To discourse on criminal prosecutions in Tanzania without touching on Zanzibar which is an integral part of Tanzania but with a separate judicial system, would not merit the title of this given topic. The fourth chapter highlights the points of divergence and convergence between criminal prosecutions in the Main land and the Isles. The concluding chapter will round up the emerging hypotheses from the study in the proceeding chapters as a whole.
Criminal courts, Administration of, Tanzania, Criminal justice, Tanzania
Mwipopo, E. L. K. (1981) Criminal prosecutions in Tanzania, Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (