Molecular identification and characterization of cassava mosaic begomoviruses (cmbs) in non-crop plants from Unguja and Pemba

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University of Dar es salaam
Cassava mosaic begomoviruses (CMBs) cause cassava losses up to 100%. Recently, it has been reported that some of CMBs infecting cassava plants are from non-crop plants. This study identified and characterized CMBs in non-crop plants collected from Unguja and Pemba Islands. A total of 108 symptomatic and asymptomatic non-crop leaf samples were collected. The results of this study confirms the occurrence of four African Cassava Mosaic Virus (ACMV) and seven East African Cassava Mosaic Virus (EACMV) isolates in non-crop plants by using PCR, nanopore MinION sequencing, Sanger sequencing and phylogenetic analysis. Plant DNA barcode genes (rbcL and matK) were used in the identification of non-crop plants harboring CMBs. Through, basic local alignment search tool (BLAST) and phylogenetic analysis Datura stramonium, Solanum incanum, Senna occidentalis, Wild Solanum melongena, Ricinus communis and Sida acuta were identified as non- crop plants that harbour CMBs. Assessment of infectivity of CMBs isolated from Solanum incanum and Sida acuta was done on a model TMS60444 and Chereko susceptible cassava varieties by particle bombardment using rolling cycle amplification products. Mild curling leaves and yellowing mosaic symptoms were observed in seven out of sixteen inoculated plants with ACMV and eight out of sixteen inoculated with EACMV. All symptomatic experimental cassava plants inoculated with both ACMV and EACMV tested positive in PCR using CMBs specific primers. For the first time, the present study documented Solanum incanum as an alternative host of ACMV and Sida acuta as an alternative host of EACMV. Therefore, management efforts to control cassava mosaic disease (CMD) caused by ACMV and EACMV should consider these non-crop plants for sustainable control of these viruses which affect cassava worldwide.
available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library,(THS EAF SB608.C33.Z2M835)
Cassava- disease and pests
Mwakosya, J.A(2021)Molecular identification and characterization of cassava mosaic begomoviruses (cmbs) in non-crop plants from Unguja and Pemba, University of Dar es salaam, Dar es salaam.