Tanzania ten years after independence

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TANU National Conference
In Bagamoyo in December,1961.I made what many people regarded as a rash statement.I said that in the coming ten years we, the people of Tanganyika,would do more to develop our country than the colonialist had done in the previous forty years. Those ten years will be up on 9th December this year.Have we justified my prophesy? More important, how does life feel to the people of Tanzania? What progress have we made in dealing with the "poverty, ignorance and disease" which I referred to on that day? And,following from that question, what new problems of development have we reached in 1971?This report is intended to give a general answer to those questions.It will reveal much that we can be proud of but also some things which give very little cause for satisfactions and really show only how far we have yet to go ,and how much we have to do . For over the past ten years we have made many mistakes and some of these we have hardly begun to correct.It is necessary that we face up to these matters now and realize the kind of effort which is called for .Yet in doing this we must not allow ourselves to be discouraged; for the truth is that we have done a great deal in the past ten years.We have made many changes,we have done a lot of building and we have now created a base from which our nation can advance more quickly and more freely in future.
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, Class Mark ( EAF PAM DT438.T3)
Tanzania, Addresses, essays, lectures
Nyerere,J.K (1971)Tanzania ten years after independence. Dar es Salaam, TANU National Conference,p.59