A dissertation of ten surgical conditions

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University of Dar es Salaam
This dissertation consists of three major sections of the ten surgical conditions studied, namely General Surgery, Urology and Orthopedics and Trauma. General surgery is comprised of five surgical conditions, while Urology consists of two and Orthopedic and Trauma three such conditions. All these conditions have been studied during the three years training at Muhimbili Medical Centre. For each condition, a typical case is presented, salient features of the other cases studied are presented in tabular form together with the discussion and review of literature. A conclusion is drawn after discussion in each condition.
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, Class mark (THS EAF RD34.N549)
Surgery, Urological surgery, Surgery, Operative, Geni to, Urinary organs, Orthopedic surgery
Nkya, M. S (1990) A dissertation of ten surgical conditions, Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam