Using sisterhood method in estimating maternal mortality rater of Kyela district

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University of Dar es Salaam
A cross-sectional study was conducted in Kyela district Mbeya region, to determine maternal mortality rate in the district using the sisterhood method. Kyela district council has 2 hospitals, 2 health centres and 19 dispensaries, which conduct MCH and ANC.A total of 1027 respondents consisting of women in the reproductive age were interviewed by using a structured questionnaire. Maternal and Child Health Aides and Public Health nurses B collected data included information from the respondents about the surviving of all their adult sisters. Majority (30.4%) of respondents were in the group of 20-24 years, followed by those in the age group of 25-29(24.9%). Age group of 45-49 years constituted the least (2.8%)group. Respondents reported a total of 662 deaths of adult sisters of which 41(6.2%) were maternal deaths. Estimate of the maternal mortality rate was based on total of sister units at risk exposure, total adult sisters(number of respondents plus number of alive adult sisters reported) and total fertility rate. Maternal mortality rate was found to be 628 per 100,000 Live births and ranges from 440 to 816 per 100,000 live births at 95% confidence limits. The study revealed that most (48.6%) of deaths reported by respondents were due to indirect obstetric cause, which included fever (36.6%), anaemia (7.3%) and others (17%). Direct obstetric causes accounted for 39.1% whereby 14.6% were due to haemorrhage, 7.3% due to prolonged labour and 7.3% due to eclampsia. The results also indicated that 26.7% of reported deaths occurred at home while 23.6% occurred in health facilities. Place of death for 46.4% deaths could not be accounted for since respondents could not remember. On assessing the feasibility of applying this indirect demographic technique of the sisterhood method under routine supervision of the Council Health Management Team, the results of this study suggest that; it is generally possible of Council Health Management Team to apply the technique.
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Maternal mortality rate, Mothers, mortality rate, Kyela district, Tanzania
Mwanjati, A. S. (2002) Using sisterhood method in estimating maternal mortality rater of Kyela district, Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (