The evaluation of integration of information technology (IT) in electricity billing system: a case study of Tanesco Ltd. in six years (1995-2000)

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study is based on an investigation of integration of Information Technology (IT) in billing system at TANESO. The research emanated from widely shared view that IT can play a critical role in helping organisations to increase efficiency and effectiveness in business processes. The study makes a critical assessment of IT application in billing system with a focus on its effectiveness and identification of possible areas that call for improvement so as to increase revenue collection, improve process performance and increase customer satisfaction. Currently, IT application plays a vital role in various sectors of economy. The twenty first century is named as the century of information Technology due to its vast applications and the growing awareness among people on the importance of IT. Production, planning, communication, design, management, construction, medicine, etc. cannot go competitively in isolation of IT. However in order to enjoy the benefits of IT, companies will need to improve their operations through proper IT application which in return will help to provide better service to their customers. TANESCO Ltd., which is a state owned organisation, is currently facing ineffective collection of revenue despite the computerising of its billing processes. A research done on current practice of Information Technology application in billing system at TANESCO revealed that IT is not applied strategically despite the duration since its inception. At present, some of the areas, which are the source of data for billing processes, are not computerised. As a result data creation and processing is done manually. Consequently, this leads to late delivery, incorrect bills and poor service in general. IT as a tool needs proper planning and implementation so as to deliver the expected results in billing process improvement. Through this study, the researcher suggests among others to adopt integration of IT plan in business plan, apply proper IT staffing, regular training to IT staff, improve meter reading process, increase payment centre and improve IT resource procurement process. It also suggests other areas currently not covered by IT to be computerised in order to improve billing process. This will guarantee reliable, timely and error free data for billing process. The findings in this study will help to improve the quality of revenue collection process and increase customer's service satisfaction.
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Electronic date processsing, Electric bills production, Information technology (IT), TANESCO, Tanzania
Mwantinda, J. L. (2001) The evaluation of integration of information technology (IT) in electricity billing system: a case study of Tanesco Ltd. in six years (1995-2000), Masters’ dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (