Real-time algorithm for on-line computing in a laboratory environment.

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University of Dar es Salaam
In this dissertation, the problem of developing an algorithm for on-line computing in a laboratory environment is investigated as a real-time control and measurement experimental problem. The problem is to automate control and measurement laboratory experiments presently performed using the traditional method. The proposed solution to this problem is a computer-based method based on the concept of open and closed-loop control systems. The developed real-time algorithm has been applied successfully to realise a computer-based d.c. motor speed control system. The development, the implementation, and the testing of the on-line computing algorithm are described in the dissertation. The implemented interfaces interconnect the computer with the external motor setup to be controlled, while the developed software (programs) drive and control the motor system. Experimental results showing the real-time performance of the d.c. motor speed control system for both open- loop and closed- loop operation are presented. The results show that the computer-based algorithm offers a flexible way to (1) select and set operating conditions, and (2) to collect data for off-line processing or signal, visualization. In addition, modelling of measurement and control systems can be achieved on line.
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Programming language, Electronic computer, Real-time algorithm
Mabongo, Y. O. (1996). Real-time algorithm for on-line computing in a laboratory environment. Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (