Groundwater for Arusha water supply

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University of Dar es Salaam
The town of Arusha, situated to the North of Tanzania has been growing steadily for the past 40 years. The population which is a result of structural changes has put demand on social services such as improved water supply. The traditional water sources for the town namely springs apparently could not satisfy the needs of the town. Efforts were taken to find alternative sources capable to provide enough water for present and future needs. Two options were identified; these are groundwater and surface water from lake Duluti some 10 Km to the East of the town towards Moshi. From previous studies and some recent investigations it was decided to exploit the groundwater resources to the North of Arusha Town. Investigations revealed an existence of a depression filled with volcanic debris forming an aquifer capable of providing the required water demand. This dissertation is based on the activities on this depression basin. The basin is filled with pebbles, coarse sands, tuffs, pyroclastic clays interspaced with lava flows and volcanic ashes. The emphasis is on the practical application of the various theories on multi displinary fields of groundwater. Except for pumping tests, the intention was not to derive various theoretical equations governing the processes involved in the groundwater. e.g. origin, occurrence, movement, exploration, drilling etc. A useful estimating equation has been developed from the multiple pumping tests carried out in the study area. It can be concluded that there is enough water for Arusha town from groundwater reserves but this water requires some treatment to reduce the fluoride content which is above 2.5mg / liter. Consumption of this water for long duration can produce undesirable effects on human beings and animals.
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Water, underground, Arusha, Tanzania
Ngogolo, H. I. (1992) Groundwater for Arusha water supply, Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (