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The past year has not been one of spectacular achievement, but the Club has held its own in a year characterized by nation-wide economic difficulties. We had 44 paid up members at the end of the year, thirteen being new. This of course must be viewed against a local expatriate population of rap turnover. Therefore we hope that more and more local residents will join the small group who already support us. Your Committee*s first task has been the maintenance and the improvement of the land and property. The shaded lawns are a great attraction drawing in large numbers of local visitors on public holidays; also a steady stream of overseas visitors varying from trans-Continental motor cyclists to organized groups of up to twenty. We have tried to cater for these by improving the water supply and washing facilities. We are now linked to the Tengeru Water supply which is chemically treated and therefore safer than Water direct from the Lake. One amenity we have had difficulty in maintaining is adequate lighting, due to the shortage of bulbs. New quarters are under construction for the resident staff, replacing tempo¬rary accommodation of which we could only be ashamed. We have suffered from the usual shortages of cement, roofing iron, nails etc, but have at least got the walls up, and only await the roof.
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr Wilbert Chagula Library, (EAF FOS F74)
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Fosbrooke, H.A. (1984) Duluti aqua sports club