An evaluation of service gaps in postal service quality: the case of Tanzania Posts Corporation.

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University of Dar Es Salaam
The main object of the study was to empirically examine the service gaps in postal service. the case of Tanzania Posts Corporation was chosen for the study. A conceptual model linking the service gaps in the service quality aspects was developed and tested borough a sample survey of 100 customers, 20 TPC Directors/ Managers and 50 TPC employees. The findings indicate that service gaps analysis in TPC have no significant erect on service quality provision. The respondent's (i.e. customers and employees) have influence on the way they expect and perceive the quality of service in TPC.' The implication of the findings to the theory of customer satisfaction is that expectations play a minor role in satisfaction process and thus supporting the proposition of understanding the service performance and subsequent customer satisfaction in services and constant maintenance of durable products, service inclusive. Practically, the findings indicate that the management side of an organization like TPC and other similar fumes should further strive to underscore the importance of customer focus and satisfaction by not solely concentrating on the monopoly nightmares in provision of their services, rather should examine a close look from how customers requirements are met and satisfied including critical aspects of competitive positioning, and increased customer relationship by the management and the organization as a whole.
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evaluation of service gaps ., postal service quality:, Posts Corporation, Tanzania
Kaswella, S.K(2006)An evaluation of service gaps in postal service quality: the case of Tanzania Posts Corporation.