Strategies to enhance the success of road construction projects in Tanzania

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University of Dar es Salaam
The road sector is crucial for both economic and social development of our country. Albeit its importance, projects aimed at keeping our roads in good condition have not been successful in terms of time, quality and cost. The main objective of the study is to identify factors that make projects unsuccessful and propose strategies to enhance their success. In order to formulate strategies factors constraining success of road projects were first identified through a survey and literature review. Prioritization of factors was then done using strategic assumption and testing technique. Through problem reversal, strategies were then formulated. Data collection focused on contractors of road construction projects and users of roads. TANROADS and LGAs who fund, coordinate, supervise and undertake quality control of road projects were chosen to represent the ultimate road users that is, the general public. The study has established that poor understanding of terms of reference, poor project time plan, insufficient project performance control system, and unrealistic baseline budget, incomplete list of project requirements, inadequate project specifications and poor financial management among contractors as critical factors that constrain the success of road constructions projects. Other factors cited include poor quality control, and poor communication between key stakeholders. The study concludes that road construction projects fail because of inadequate capacity among our contractors and a flawed process currently used in managing road construction projects. The study recommends capacity building of contractors be done and preparation of a project management guide for road construction projects. The guide can include project management process from call for proposal to project phase out. The guide should also incorporate component issues including procurement of facilities and equipments for road works, legal, risk and communication management issues.
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Road construction industry, Road construction projects, Tanzania, Tanzania
Masasi, A.(2012) Strategies to enhance the success of road construction projects in Tanzania, Master dissertation, University of Dar es salaam, Available at(