Sanitation and hygiene for rural dwellers, challenges and prospects. The case study of Buwama sub-county, Mpigi district-Uganda.

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University of Dar es Salaam
Rural sanitation is a point of concern as improved sanitation is now crucial to achieving the millennium development goals. Majority of Uganda population lives in rural areas approximately 85% engaged in agriculture and lives in poverty. The principal dimensions of poverty in Uganda include livelihood, location, seasonality and gender. Given the scenario, sanitation and hygiene is vital to improvement of community wellbeing. This study assessed the evolution of household sanitation from 1 950 to date, the current household faecal disposal and hand washing situation. It further identified challenges and prospects to sanitation and hygiene improvement. The study was carried out with aid of questionnaires, a focus group discussion, key informant interviews and observational checklists. Social scientists statistical package (SPSS version 17) was used to analyse the data collected. The results showed that 6% of the respondents had no latrine facilities, 62% of households had latrines with technical problems such as collapse of pits, damaged latrine super structure and latrine pit filling up. Though majority (90%) of the respondents used pit latrine, choice of a sanitation technology was not dependent on income of households with Pearson correlation (r) value of -0.016 and further still, hand washing after visiting the toilet was not dependent on health information access with a Pearson correlation value of -0.145. 73% of respondents mentioned high latrine installation costs as a major sanitation challenge. other challenges were lack of sanitation service providers, poor construction skills, cultural beliefs. and termites. Low cost communal UDDT ecosan toilet is proposed as a suitable sanitation option. Other recommendations include; creation of a specific organ responsible for sanitation in the whole country, Improving the private sector involvement through sanitation marketing and integrated hygiene education
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Sanitation, hygiene, rural, dwellers,, prospects., sub-county,, Mpigi district-Uganda
Babita, E.(2011) Sanitation and hygiene for rural dwellers, challenges and prospects. The case study of Buwama sub-county, Mpigi district-Uganda.. Master disserrtation, University of Dar es Salaam. Dar es Salaam