A study of the reservoir problems at Kibaha Sugarcane Research Centre

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study has attempted to review reservoir sedimentation, method of computation. The capacity and methods of controlling aquatic plants in the reservoir have been discussed. The water from a local oxidation pond was checked and found to be rich in nutrients. These include available nitrogen {No3, NH+4), total nitrogen and available phosphorus. The nutrients were found to stimulate growth of weeds in the reservoir. It was suggested that water coming from catchment zones and oxidation ponds should be purified to minimize the level of nutrients coming into the reservoir. In order to remove silt and aquatic plants the mechanical method has been recommended. Also it was observed, that manual floating raft can be used to remove the floating weeds from the reservoir. The reservoir surveyed in this study has not been studied before and no relevant information exists on it.
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Water, Purification, Filtration
El-awad, A.M (1992 ) A study of the reservoir problems at Kibaha Sugarcane Research Centre, masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at ( )