Performance of road safety management system in Tanzania: a case study of the national road safety council

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study examined reasons that led to poor performance of the National Road Safety Council and that of the Tanzanian road safety management system as a whole over years of their existence. The main objective of the study was to assess National Road Safety Council’s performance. As for the study area, Dar es Salaam and other 9 regions of Mainland Tanzania were chosen to be sites for data collection. A sample size comprising the executive Secretary of NRSC, 12 Secretaries to regional road safety committees and 7 Secretaries to district road safety committees (52% of population), was picked to be the main source of primary data. The methods employed during the data collection exercise included questionnaire, interview, observation and desk study. In the course of carrying out this study, both qualitative and quantitative data were gathered regarding the current institutional set-up of the NRSC, available strategic plans, working capacity, and current road safety financing system. It was revealed that the NRSC lacks adequate institutional set-up, working capacity in terms of human resources and equipment. Also there were no realistic strategies and action plans and the road safety funding was inadequate and erratic. To redress the situation, it is recommended that there should be an urgent restructuring of the NRSC, formulation of strategies and target guided action plans as well as establishment of a road safety fund. Further studies are recommended on two aspects: - Study on reasons behind traffic Police failure to effectively enforce the road traffic law as well as study on pertinent ways of establishing a road safety fund with a fund controlling mechanism.
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Traffic safety, Safety measures, National Road Safety Council, Tanzania
Mwakyusa, F. A. L (2013) Performance of road safety management system in Tanzania: a case study of the national road safety council, Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam (Available at