The Periodontal conditions and treatment needs in Ilala District, Tanzania

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study was conducted in 1987, as part of the Ilala Oral Health Survey, in order to assess the prevalence of periodontal conditions in Ilala District and plan to the treatment needs based on the result, using this plan, as a model for the other districts in the country. A total of 1764 subjects aged 3 to 84 years were examined for dental plaque, calculus, gingival bleeding, periodontal pockets, gingival recessions and tooth wear. Examinations were done outdoors in natural daylight using a WHO periodontal probe and a mouth mirror. CPITN index teeth were examined on the buccal and lingual surfaces of the maxilla and mandibula, respectively. The worst finding for each condition was recorded for the respective sextants. In order to assess periodontal treatment needs, the data were transformed, using CPITN Index. About 93% of the study population had plaque, while calculus and gingivitis were observed in 66% and 79% of the subjects, respectively. Shallow periodontal pockets (4-5 mm) were evident in 7% while deep pockets (6 mm or more) were only observed in 0.5% of the subjects. Gingival recessions of 4-5 mm and 6 mm or more affected 10% and 2.8% of the subjects, respectively. Tooth wear extending into the dentine was established in 26% of the examined subjects. According to CPITN Index, Periodontal treatment needs for this study population include mainly oral hygiene instruction (87.6%) and scaling (66%) in an average of 1.7 sextants per person. Special periodontal care was indicated for 0.5% of the subjects with an average of 0.01 sextant per person. The prevalence of plaque, calculus and gingivitis is high; the prevalence of gingival recessions and tooth wear is moderate to low, but the proportion of people with deep periodontal pockets is very small.
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Periodontal disease, Ilala district Dar es salaam
Mumghamba, E. G. S (1990) The Periodontal conditions and treatment needs in Ilala District, Tanzania, Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (