Investigation of the effect of the extent ofrefining jatropha and castor oils on the quality of biodiese

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University of Dar es Salaam
The influence of refining and pre-treating crude jatropha and castor Oil on biodiesel quality has been studied. Crude jatropha and castor oil were extracted and characterized before being refined and pre-treated into the following oil categories: degummed oil, neutralized oil, deodorized oil, full refined oil, acid esterified oil and re-esterified oil. Thereafter, all samples were subjected to homogeneous base catalyst transesterification. A central composite design using response surface methodology in design expert v7 software was employed in modelling and optimizing refining, pre-treatment and biodiesel production processes. The qualities of biodiesel produced from crude, refined, and pre-treated oil were analysed and compared with ASTM D6751, EN 14214 and drafted TBS CDC15 biodiesel standards. The study shows that the chemical characteristics and fuel properties of crude jatropha oil and castor oil present a superior quality and present them as a good feedstock for biodiesel production. The effect of refining and pre-treatment of crude jatropha and castor oil has been discussed in details. Neutralised oil, deodorized oil, full refined oil, acid-pre-treated oil and chemical re-esterified oil have good potential in producing biodiesel which meets most of the ASTM D6751, EN 14214 and TBS CDC15 standards quality requirements. The studies on the chemical kinetics of the newly developed low temperature glycerolysis, economic comparison of different pre-treatment and refining methods were recommended for a better decision making on economic biodiesel production route.
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Biomass energy, Jatropha, Castor oils, Refining
Kombe, G.G.(2013). Investigation of the effect of the extent ofrefining jatropha and castor oils on the quality of biodiese. Doctoral dissertation, university of Dar es Salaam. Available at(