Evaluation of the performance of tomato (solanumlycopersium l.) lines/cultivars resistant to salinity

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University of Dar es Salaam
Low yields of tomato (Solanium Lycopersicum) along the coast of Tanzania are influenced by abiotic stresses such as salinity. Commercially available cultivars have been developed to address the aspects of biotic stress as most tomatoes are grown in highland areas in moist and low saline soils. Efforts to test cultivars being developed for production in marginal areas were made. Test lines from the World Vegetable Research Center Arusha Regional office were evaluated for salt tolerance, presence of stress proteins and market acceptance of tomato fruits. The effects of salinity (45mM, 90mM and 150mM NaCI) on the growth of selected tomato lines and variation to such effects were studied. Increasing salinity delayed and reduced seed germination at varied among lines. ARP-365-2-5. ARP 367-1. CLN 1621, CLN 2001A, CLN 2413R, CLN 2418A, CLN 5915-93-1-0-3 and BL 1173-76 were found to germinate at all salinity levels in this study though germination was delayed. Seedling growth in terms of height increased with time but decreased with salinity except in the CLN series where only slight decreases in height were observed. Vegetative growth was negatively affected in Tanya and Tengeru cultivars by high salinity levels. The CLN series were found to yield reasonably at all salinity levels in particular CLN 5915-93-D4-1-0-3 although the fruits were very small in size. CLN 5915-93-D4-1-0-3 tomato fruits were less favoured by consumers due to their small size whereas BL 1175 were more favoured due to the medium size, best flavour and taste, firmness and longer shelf life. The expected presence of dehydrin protein as reported by other studies was not observed hower this does not conclusively imply that there are no dehydrins in all tomato lines.
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, Class mark (THS EAF HJ7930.N73)
Local government, Accounting, Economic growth, Expenditures, public - Economic condition, Tanzania
Nnungu, H.I(2011) Evaluation of the performance of tomato (solanumlycopersium l.) lines/cultivars resistant to salinity