The role of tourism service in tanzania export performance

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University of Dar es Salaam
In most of developing countries endowed with significant tourist attractions, tourism has emerged as a new impetus for economic growth due to high contribution on export and ability to generate foreign earning. The study was undertaken in order to explore and analyze the role of tourism in Tanzania export performance for the period of 1980 to 2010. Particularly, researcher’s interest was in the contribution of tourism in total export in Tanzania. It employs a time series regression model in which Tanzania export performance seemed to be affected by tourism export, foreign direct investment, exchange rate and Inflation. STATA software was used for econometric analysis. The analysis was carried out using Ordinary Least Square method and error correction model (ECM).The study finds that tourism has a positive significant in contribution on Tanzania export performance. Despite the positive growth trend of tourism export, infrastructure, investment, regulation, and macroeconomic stability are some of challenges facing tourism sector. Also an important implication of the result is that, Tourism export service is not solely driving force to total export performance. Other determinants such as investment regulatory frameworks, policies that promote macroeconomic economic stability, and improved physical infrastructure also have a role to play both in the short and long run. Therefore the country planners and policy makers are should apply tourism export effects in creating good policies which will assist the proper allocation of resources in Tourism industry for improving the export performance in Tanzania and growth of the economy.
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Tourist trade, Tourism, Exports, Tanzania
Missana, E(2012), The role of tourism service in tanzania export performance, master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at(