Dissertation of ten surgical conditions

dc.contributor.authorMbwambo, Jasper Saidi
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dc.description.abstractSurgery is so wide that its acquisition from literature, audio or visual aids is endless. Moreover, more facts are accumulating daily. Thus I am obliged to admit that I am a student in surgery until when my life expires. My observations and reflections during my few years of service at K.C.M.C. And my three years of study at MMC inspired me to write on the surgical conditions listed below. It is interesting that most of, if not all surgical conditions, even those described by our fore grand fathers in Medicine such as Hippocrates and Galen are still obscured as regards either their cause, path physiology, methods of diagnosis, treatment or prognosis. Despite that most of the conditions associated with chest injuries are manageable by simple but appropriate procedures, few minutes wasted in taking full history and x-rays thorough examination might cost the patient’s life. Most women are seen with advanced breast carcinoma partially due to the fear of mutilating effects of mastectomy and partially due to unpredictable and asymptomatic natural course of breast carcinoma. Even at the earliest stage, the prognosis cannot be predicated with certainty. Patients with extensive burns can be salvaged if treatment is early; appropriate and favourable facilities are available. Burns involving joints hands, feet, face and genitalia, even though involve small area thus not immediately life threatening, may result in severe disability, if not properly managed. Unlike the endemic KS, the epidemic KS affects much young people and is aggressive involving any organ. Besides it has been much associated with the new deadly epidemic AIDS, cure of which tasks the brains of the most intellectual medics of our modern world and is still at large. Rectal carcinoma when rejected at an early stage has favourable prognosis. However, it is symptomatic in most cases only when it is already advanced for resection. Likewise Ca-prostate is asymptomatic in most cases in the early stages, some of the patients presenting with paraplegia or pathological fractures. The etiopathogenesis of urolithiasis is not yet known and thus its path physiological treatment is not yet possible. In developing countries, post inflammatory urethral structures have not much decreased, while in the developed countries there is a increase in latrogenic structures as a result of increased diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures. Tuberculosis is a preventable and curable disease. If in the developed countries the disease is almost eradicated, developing countries have a long way go to reach that goal. With escalation of violence and Road Traffic Accidents, the ankle joint injuries are more. Appropriate management is necessary; last the daily activities of the individual become severely jeopardized.en_US
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dc.titleDissertation of ten surgical conditionsen_US