Responsible mining Report 2012: case study Sungu-Sungu clinic

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African Barrick Gold
North Mara is located in a remote part of Tanzania and as such infrastructure in the region is limited. In line with our commitment to community development, throughout the year we have continued to invest in upgrading local infrastructure to help improve transportation links and access to water, education and healthcare. One of our core community infrastructure projects is the rehabilitation of the Sungu-Sungu Clinic in Nyamongo, one of the villages located in the vicinity of the North Mara mine. The clinic is the sole source of local medical care outside of the mine for those living in the mine’s seven local communities. Unfortunately, the clinic is not currently eligible for central government funding due to its size, so ABG’s support is critical. As the first phase of the upgrade, ABG has invested approximately US$350,000 in the clinic in order to refurbish maternity and paediatric wards, laundry facilities and basic amenities and to construct an outpatient block and further wards. In addition to this, we are improving access to power and water by installing additional water wells and a connection to the national electricity grid. For the time being, we have installed a diesel generator and we are trucking clean water from the mine to the clinic to provide for key utilities while we complete these elements of the project.
Community development, Health care, Sungu-Sungu Clinic, Barrick Gold Mining, Nyamongo, North Mara
African Barrick Gold (2012). Responsible mining Report 2012: case study Sungu-Sungu clinic