Application of modern technology in criminal justice administration in Tanzania

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The university of Dar es Salaam
This study is a modest attempt to examine the operation of the Criminal Justice System in Tanzania in relation to modern technology. It targets among other things to pave the way of updated criminal justice legislations as well as relevant technology in the course of enforcement; additionally, to remind the law making body of Tanzania in ensuring that the laws relating to criminal justice conform to current technology. Among the queries which have been addressed through this work is the status of technology in the system of criminal justice administration in Tanzania and the trend of justice delivery. In the last 15 years the penetration of computers and electronics into commercial and domestic life had a great impact on the practicability of litigation. Apart from the normal documents in hard copy we used to tender in court, there is a challenge of finding documents which are stored in computers which a good number of courts and tribunals of Tanzania do not acknowledge. Additionally, some crimes are committed through computer technology in the internet and further communication relating to crimes are made through the internet and the mobile phones; so the whole system of criminal justice needs to be aware of some of the areas in which electronics have made a difference. It is high times the Criminal Justice Systems in the entire World are facing stiff challenges on the modus operandi of committing several crimes which employ very modern and advanced technologies. Realizing these challenges, the governments of most countries are improving their systems of criminal justice and amending their laws to coup with the contemporary situation of modern technology. Tanzania as one among those countries would require updating its criminal justice system lest the criminals privatize it by their advanced technologies. Finally, through the study one will realise that, the whole system of criminal justice administration in Tanzania is running without modern technology the thing which is occasioning injustice. This work in addressing the whole problem systematically, it involved extensive library study and a field research on this problem. This work has five chapters with the tittles which form a good clue of what is contained therein.
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Criminal justice, Administration, Technology, Tanzania
Safari, M.D.(2012). Application of modern technology in criminal justice administration in Tanzania. Masters dissertation, university of Dar es Salaam. Available at (