Tort liability of the government in Tanzania: the impact of the Government Proceedings Act, 1967 on the rights of individual claimants

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University of Dar es Salaam
This dissertation is a theoretical and practical evaluation of the applicability of the Government Proceedings Act, 1967 as amended by Act No. 40 of 1974 in Tanzania. By ''Tanzania'' in this work, we mean "Tanzania Mainland'' excluding Zanzibar. This work does not consider governmental liability in tort as an end in itself. Rather it attempts to find ways by which some laws could be used by the disadvantaged majority in furtherance of their minimum demands. Chapter one is a general survey of the State and Law in Tanzania for the purpose of providing a context under which the problem area of this work has been formulated.It is asserted that for the two decades of its Independence, Tanzania has built an extremely strong Executive Government vesting enormous powers and discretion in its President and subordinates. Consequently the likelihood of these government servants misusing their powers and discretion and causing injury to individual citizens is great. It is noted in chapter two that most of the provisions of the Government Proceedings Act, 1967 are in pari materia with the provisions of the similar statute in the United Kingdom. Therefore both chapters two and three trace historically governmental liability right from its early days in England through the colonial period to the enactment of the 1967 Act in Tanzania. A comparative analysis of the major provisions at issue between the United Kingdom and the Tanzanian statutes is made. Chapters Four and Five discuss in detail the mature and scope of governmental liability in tort. This exposition includes a theoretical appraisal of the provisions of the Act as applied to the principles of tort and practical problems in their actual operation. Conclusions and recommendations are made in the last chapter in respect of the problems illuminated in the whole work. The solutions advanced are meant for further discussion and research in a much more wider context than the scope of this dissertation.
Tort liability of government, Tanzania, Liability (Law), Government liability
Wambali, M. K. B. (1985) Tort liability of the government in Tanzania: the impact of the Government Proceedings Act, 1967 on the rights of individual claimants, Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (