A study on hydrodynamics of Mnazi bay, Tanzania

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University of Dar es Salaam
Mnazi Bay doubles as a reserved marine park and is one of the areas in the coastal belt of Tanzania that have potentials for exploitation of natural gas. As exploitation of natural gas and other hydrocarbons is a relatively new economic activity in Tanzania, baseline hydrographic and hydrodynamic information, which is scanty in most such areas, is needed. This study provides an insight of the most needed baseline hydrodynamic information in the Mnazi Bay. Hydrodynamics of Mnazi Bay, particularly water currents and water level variations, under the influence of tides and wind forces, were modelled. The model was developed using MIKE 21 (www.dhigroup.com) software in which the option of flow model was considered. The model revealed useful information including the pattern of currents moving clockwise during flooding and ebbing. During ebbing, currents inside and outside Mnazi Bay flow to the Northwest direction with a maximum speed of 0.19m/s. However, water levels seemed to vary with tides whereby the simulated maximum tide was found to be 3.67m. The results pave a way for further studies which will produce a more comprehensive model to be more beneficial and of a more significant importance to many institutions, local communities and the nation at large.
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study on hydrodynamics, Mnazi bay, Tanzania
Eliamringi, L (2011)A study on hydrodynamics of Mnazi bay, Tanzania, master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam (available at)