Improvement of Service Broken by Incooperating results Saving Function in interactive ilab shared architecture.

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University of Dar es salaam
The iLab architecture was develop by MIT and used by several Universities across the world, including University of Dar es salaam. It is an online platform on which handling of experiments is done by service broker. The service broker could not save experiment results leading to disappearing of experiment results once the laboratory session is closed. Understanding well the academic goal of doing experiments which is results observation and analysis; this research works identifies the need to improve iLab by enabling students and instructors to be able to view and experiment results any after the laboratory session is closed. This research presents the approach taken to add new capabilities for saving experiment results into the service broker. It is a programming work done on ASP, Net platform, SQL html and LabVIEW, using Microsoft visual studio software development tools experiment results and data were captured from LabVIEW and saved into SQL database and these data were made available on the web pages. Sample experiment used was RC circuit experiment to observe the characteristics of the capacitor also the characteristics of 1N4148ph diode. The feature will increase the flexibility of the iLab shared architecture and provides the possibility to more revision time to students. Few electronic experiments were chosen since much emphasis was not placed on the complexity of the experiments rather services as a proof of concept for how data can be saved and further retrieved from the interactive iLab shared architecture and the correctness of the data saved.
Available in print form, East Africana collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, class mark (THS EAF QA76.9.I55B454)
Interactive computer system, Architecture, Brokers
Bilinzozi, P. J, (2020),Improvement of Service Broken by Incooperating results Saving Function in interactive ilab shared architecture,Masters dissertation,University of Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam.