Local government, a true institution of democracy? a case study of Tanzania

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University of Dar es Salaam
This work attempts to appraise the Local Government institution as a true Institution of Democracy, a case study of Tanzania. It is focused on the legal and practical aspect of Local Government operation in Tanzania. Local government is not an institution of democracy stricto senso. However like all institutions of public services it has to abide by established social service principles and laws. To impart a sense of peoples participation local authorities have been used to secure unreserved support for the government. With use of local authorities all sectarian and local loyalties have been shaken off. The study investigates the hypothesis that although in 1984 the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania was amended to provide for the establishment of local government authorities which shall consolidate and give power to the people, the contrary is the case. The work is divided into an introductory section and five chapters. The first chapter gives a brief account on the concept of local government in Tanzania and highlights the various concept of local government and democracy in their historical context. The second chapter discusses local government democracy in a sectarian and partisan governmental situation. The questions of the contradiction which are inherent in local government are examined in the third chapter. Local government and democracy in a multiparty situation and related problems are discussed in chapter four. The last chapter concludes the work and gives some recommendations.
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Local government, Tanzania
Nchimbi, S. S (1994) Local government, a true institution of democracy? a case study of Tanzania,Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (