Computer analysis of aquifer pumping-test data

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University of Dar es Salaam
One of the major problems facing groundwater planning development, in many developing countries like Nigeria is absence of reliable data on Aquifer parameters such transmissivity and storage coefficient. The traditional graphical procedures for determining the parameters from Aquifer pumping test; data are not only laborious and time consuming but also subjective. Computerised algorithms which automatically and rapidly yield these parameters therefore is preferable, for the analysis of Aquifer pumping test, data. In this study, a 'multiple - linear regression' solution of Aquifer model is presented. Raced on this, a data analysis: computer program( FI-REG ) , in the BASIC language, was developed applicable to confined as well as unconfined Aquifers. The reliability of the program and hence the result it gave was investigated by means of a robustness test, by application a synthetically generated pumping - test data and by comparison of its result with those obtained by two commonly used graphic techniques. The program was applied to the analysis of data from test pumping carried out in a number of confined Aquifers in Nigeria. The transmissivity and storage coefficient parameters of the Aquifers (with relatively good quality data) were obtained in just few iterations. The results are satisfactory, inspite of the assumption inherent in the Aquifer model adopted and the neglected external influences on the pumping - test data.
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Pumping machinery, Valuation
Imala, F.N (1988) Computer analysis of aquifer pumping-test data, Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (