A dissertation of ten surgical conditions

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University of Dar es Salaam
Surgery is an art which requires a constant practice. For the general surgeon abdominal surgery occupies most of his time. Some conditions require immediate surgical intervention. Muhimbili medical centre sees many such patients. These include volvulus of the sigmoid colon and acute appendicitis. The emergency of Aids has lead to the occurrence of a fatal form of Aids related Kaposi’s sarcoma. The existence of this disease in patients seen in Muhimbili Medical Centre is discussed. While the raise in Motor Traffic Accidents has increased the number of patients sustaining chest and cervical spinal injuries. The vital management of each starts right at the accident site. Children born with deformed feet pose social burden if not recognized early and treated skillfully. While the old age disease Prostatic carcinoma, still poses a problem in its diagnosis and treatment. An inflammatory urethral stricture is becoming less common due to early recognition and treatment of urethral infection. It is interesting to note that urinary tract stone is a frequent disease seen in Muhimbili Medical Centre Urology Clinic. It was described as a non-existing disease in Africa. A number of patients with non-toxic goiter are seen and operated daily. It is of interest to note their places of origin for their preventive measure.
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Surgery, Operative
Kibatala, P. L. (1989) A dissertation of ten surgical conditions, Masters dissertation, University of Dar es salaam. Available at (