A study of charistmatic leadership in Tanzanian industrial organizations

dc.contributor.authorMajige, John Brown Makoye
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dc.description.abstractCharismatic leadership is one of the least understood, least researched and developed forms of leadership. Previous research on this concept has been sporadic and narrow in scope. Through a classification of leadership according to the source or origin of power, this dissertation aimed at putting the construct of charismatic leadership in the context of the other well known forms of leadership styles and then set the foundation for developing a reliable and valid measure and a predictive model of the construct. Using conceptual and factor analysis, it has been clearly shown that charismatic leadership is a unique type of leadership among an array of other leadership types and has significant relevance to the management of organizations. The other leadership types considered briefly in this study as a point of departure for a meaningful discussion of charismatic leadership were bureaucratic, expertise-based, incentive based, coercive, affinitive, benevolent autocratic, participative, and normative leadership. The study has developed a conceptually and psychometrically sound measure of the concept of charismatic leadership. It also has suggested combining some of the leadership styles. The study has shown that charismatic leadership as concept is influenced by different types of variables ranging from personal demographics, task characteristics, and organizational climate/work experience. These variables include (Poor) family background, affiliation, and achievement from personal demographics set of antecedents; social interactions, job challenge, feedback, task variety, and autonomy from task characteristics set; and organizational support, trust, success-track record, role modeling, group cohesion and equity from organizational climate/work experience set of antecedents. Finally, it was found that charismatic leadership was a good predictor for overall performance and job satisfaction of subordinates.en_US
dc.identifier.citationMajige, J.B.M (1993)A study of charistmatic leadership in Tanzanian industrial organizations, Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at ( )en_US
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dc.titleA study of charistmatic leadership in Tanzanian industrial organizationsen_US