Assessment of eligibility of mini hydropower plant as a clean development mechanism project.

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University of Dar es Salaam
A study was conducted to assess the eligibility of a mini hydropower Plant I Mufindi District (Luiga River), as a Clean Development Mechanism project. The CDM eligibility was judged by assessing environmental additionality, contribution of the project to sustainable development and acceptance of the project by host country. Energy sources and consumption for industrial and domestic activities was recorded and calculation of historic energy formed and GHG emissions and the projections of the expected emissions reductions were done in this study. The study considered carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide as major GHG with relevance to this project. Business as usual scenario of growing population was determined as the applicable methodology for future emissions without the project. The baseline was constructed using the energy sources that may be displaced by the project power i.e. diesel and kerosene. Project boundary was set to include only the areas that will be affected by the project. Leakage due to project presence was estimated through project activity. Permanency was assessed by the rainfall data, inflows and uses of the Luiga River water. The results gave the baseline emission as 546.32 [tCO2/GWh/Y]. The project will be capable of avoiding 9834 [tCo2 equivalent] equal to 75% of present emissions or 432646 [tCO2 equivalent] for the lifetime of the project. Leakage due to the project presence were expected from land clearing, project transport, and project domestic activities. It is therefore concluded that the mini-hydropower is a potential CDM project.
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Hydroelectric power plants, Surveying, Tanzania, Mufindi District, Luiga River, Clean Development Mechanism project (CDM)
Mbeyella, J. A. K. (2002). Assessment of eligibility of mini hydropower plant as a clean development mechanism project. Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (