Isolation and characterization of thermophilic bacteria from hot springs of Manyara and Mbeya, Tanzania

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University of Dar es Salaam
The objective of this study was to isolate, characterize and identify thermophic bacteria using the physiological characteristics based on the aspects of growth temperature ranges, pH growth ranges, salt (NaCI) concentration tolerance, substrate utilization ability and the 16S rDNA sequences alignment comparison. Thermophilic bacteria isolated from Manyara alkaline thermal spring and Mbeya neutral thermal springs were characterized and identified using phylogenetic analysis of rDNA gene. A total of four isolates coded Ngwl, Sgwl, Sgw2 and Sgw4 were isolated from Mbeya neutral thermal springs and isolate Manyl was isolated from Manyara alkaline thermal spring. These isolates were rod shaped. The lowest growth temperature of isolate Mnyl was 50˚C and the highest 78˚C. The isolates Ngwl, Sgwl, Sgw2 and Sgw4 lowest growth temperature was 45˚C and the highest 81˚C. The Manyara and Mbeya isolates grew best in nutrient broth, yeast extract and trytone media. The 16S rDNA sequence analysis of the isolate Mnyl, Ngwl and Sgw2 derived from 16S rRNA gene sequence, showed that they are members of the genus Caldaterra. The highest 16S rDNA nucleotide sequence homologies of Mnyl, Ngwl and Sgw2 isolates were to Caldaterra yamamurae (98.0%) and C. satsumae (98.0%). On the basis of 16S rDNA sequence alignment comparison results, it is proposed that the isolates belong to the genus Caldaterra. However the DNA sequence alignment of the isolate Sgwl demonstrated it to be a member of the genus Thermus. The highest 16S rDNA sequence homology of isolate Songwl was to Thermus brockianus (98.0%). To our knowledge, this first report showing the isolation of thermophilic bacteria from Tanzanian thermal springs. The novel Tanzanian thermophilic bacteria species isolated and identified in this in this study belonging to Caldateria and Thermus genera may have potential biotechnological application. The identification and cultivation of novel genus Caldaterra and thermophilic genus Thermus which is widely used in biotech application are reported for the first time in Tanzania.
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, Class Mark (THS EAF QR82.Z9C4752)
Thermophilic bacteria, Hot spring
Chambua, T (2009) Isolation and characterization of thermophilic bacteria from hot springs of Manyara and Mbeya, Tanzania, Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam