Performance of practical constructed wetlands for wastewater renovation in Iringa Municipal

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University of Dar es Salaam
The performance of two practical Horizontal Subsurface Constructed Wetlands planted with reeds (Phragmities mauritianus) macrophytes at Iringa Municipality was investigated. The first wetland has baffles with four compartments and has a total coverage area of 400 m2 and serves a population of about 600 residents of Kleruu Teachers' College. The other wetland is at Ruaha Secondary School. There are two parallel cells serving the school community of about 600 people. Each cell has a coverage area of 108 m2. During this research some students had left for vacation as a result the wastewater production was low and therefore only Old Ruaha wetland was in use. Thus samples were taken from only one wetland cell. BOD5 removals for Kleruu and Old Ruaha wetlands were 70 % and 87 % respectively. BOD5 effluents were about 12 mg/1 in both wetlands. Total Suspended Solids removal in both wetlands was 99.9 %. Ammonium ions increased by 4.6 % for Kleruu and 11.5 % for Old Ruaha wetland, respectively. Nitrate ions were reduced by 62.5 % at Kleruu and 57 % at Old Ruaha wetland. Total nitrogen was removed by 2.3 % at Kleruu and increased by 0.16 % at Old Ruaha wetland. Orthophosphate ions removals were 4.4 % and 3.1 % for Kleruu and Old Ruaha wetlands, respectively. Total phosphorous removals were 3.1 % and 2.5 % for Kleruu and Old Ruaha, respectively. The pH was found to increase only slightly in the wetlands. The variations were found to be +2 % and +5.6 % for Old Ruaha and Kleruu wetlands, respectively. The Total dissolved solids were reduced by 32.3 % and 28.05 % for Kleruu and Old Ruaha wetlands, respectively. The effluent levels from wetlands were found to be within Tanzania Standards except for ammonium ions whose values were slightly above the standard.
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, Class mark (THS EAF TD756.5.N38)
Constructed wetlands, Sewage, Wetlands, Iringa, Tanzania
Ndomba, A.A(2006) Performance of practical constructed wetlands for wastewater renovation in Iringa Municipal.Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam.