Yield potential and Agronomic characters of some common bean varieties in Tanzania

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University of Dar es Salaam
Fifty local bean cultivars were evaluated for grain yield potential, disease and pest resistance as well as for other agronomic characters under two spraying regimes and two planting dates at Morogoro. The data obtained was then subjected to co-variance analyses. From the components of variance and covariance, phenotypic and correlation coefficients between pairs of characters were derived and subsequently path analysis was carried out using selected characters. Early planting and spraying increased number of pods per plant, weight of pods per plant, grain weight per plant, number of pods per plot and finally grain yield per unit area. Planting date x accession, spraying regime x accession as well as plantation date x accession x spraying regime interactions were non-significant for grain yield, although the first and the later interactions were significant in some characters. Considerable variation was found among the accessions evaluated for all characterises except for the number of harvested for all characters except for the number of harvested plants per plot and number of pods damaged by insects per plot. Thus the material represents some valuable germ plasm for the future exploitation. The standard variety (Selian Wonder) was outperformed by a number of accessions in various desirable characters but it was among the outstanding entries in seed size. Accession No. TMO 101 was outstanding in various attributes and it could therefore be considered for release as an improved variety after purification and further testing. Path analysis suggested that grain yield was more influenced by the number of pods per plant, seed size and pod length. Information emerging from correlation analysis further indicated that grain yield was positively correlated with most of the characters studied except with the number of grains per pod, days to 50 per cent flowering, plant height and crude protein content. The results obtained are discussed in relation to be an improvement possibilities at Morogoro.
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Beans, Yield Potential, Legumes, Agropastoral systems
Misangu, R. M (1982) Yield potential and Agronomic characters of some common bean varieties in Tanzania, Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (