Rhodesia: the case for majority rule

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Indian Council for Africa
AS we inevitability move towards majority rule in Southern Rhodesia,a lot of questions are being asked by number of people, both here and abroad. Not only are questions being asked, but also statements of facts and intentions are being advanced.Not all of these questions and statements of facts and intentions are being made with an undoubted honesty of purpose.Others are so.Being, as I am, an ardent exponent of majority rule, as the only and natural solution to the political, social and economic problems that beset the country, let me give a picture of the majority rule that we are strugglingfor, as I see it.Since the various problems that face us today as we move towards majority rule have their origin in the historic development of this country, I wish to give a short resume of this important background in my preliminary observations. The first Government of Southern Rhodesia, as we know it today, wasbased on the Charter granted to Cecil John Rhodes by Queen victoria in 1889.(I say the first Government of this country”as we know it today” because there were African government of the country ,before the country was known as Southern Rhodesia)The entire Government and administration of the country was given to BSA Company created by the 1889 Charter. The powers of the Administration were, of course, subject to the authority of the British Colonial Secretary. Things remained so until 1923 when responsible Government was granted to the Colony after a referendum conducted among about 13,000 White settlers Though this was a decision that was bound to affect the Africa people drastically, no attempt was made to consult them on the matter.
Rhodesia, Southern,, Politics and Government,, National liberation movements
Nyerere, J.K and Nkomo, J. (1966) Rhodesia: the case for majority rule. Rhodesia: the case for majority rule : Indian Council for Africa, 60p