A case study of Mwamashimba ground water source- Kwimba district Mwanza region

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study report deals with the evaluation of groundwater potential in Mwamashimba division, Kwimba district in Mwanza Region, Tanzania. In this study report, an attempt has been made to establish a tentative groundwater recharge from the hydrologic data. The condition of groundwater occurance and possibilities for further development of groundwater in this area, were established from the existing hydrogeological information and from results of the geophysical investigations that were carried out in the area. The hydraulic characteristies of the aquifers around Runere village were evaluated from the pumping tests carried out and from these tests, it was concluded that the aquifer along Ndagaswa river was semi-confined, The availabe groundwater potential in the area was established from hydraulic parameters of the aquifers and from the hydrogeological conditions of the area. Based on the findings outlined in this report, utilization of groundwater potential in Mwamashimba area was found viable and therefore recommendations on development of groundwater source in the area have been made.
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Water supply, Tanzania, Mwanza (region), Kwimba (District)
Chayayi, B.S (1985) A case study of Mwamashimba ground water source- Kwimba district Mwanza region, masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (