Analytical evaluation of effectiveness of prepaid billing system (LUKU) in TANESCO

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University of Dar es Salaam
Two metering systems are currently used by TANESCO – conventional meters (credit sales) and LUKU meters (prepayment). TANESCO is intending to extend its prepayment system had followed the World Bank’s advice after TANESCO experienced major problems with billing and collecting revenues in 1990s. Initially, LUKU project started as a pilot study, with an initial plan of 300 meters to be installed in selected parts of Dar es Salaam city. However, before being fully proved, the pilot was greatly expanded, first, to 2000 meters and then, to 42000 meters within the space of a year or so. The objective of this research was to carry an analytical evaluation of prepaid system in Tanzanian environment. Both quantitative and qualitative data were gathered using questionnaires and interviews checklist. The research showed important discoveries about effectiveness of prepaid system. Rationality to support the decision of extending LUKU system to other regions was also ascertained. In due regard, potential advantages and setbacks of prepayment system and the credity of a payment system have been discussed throughout this dissertation and a number of important conclusions and insights have been gained. At the end, the research concluded that prepaid system is much effective in all; technical, economical and social aspects. In general. The prepaid system was found to have improved billing and hence, revenue collection. Similarly, customer satisfaction and preference were found in favour of prepaid system.
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, Class Mark (THS EAF HF5681.I7S25)
Billing systems, Invoices, Bills(invoices), LUKU TANESCO
Saidy, H. S (2007) Analytical evaluation of effectiveness of prepaid billing system (LUKU) in TANESCO, Master dissertation,University of Dar es Salaam.