Ethical practices among information professionals in the digital society: global perspectives and Tanzania’s practices

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Tanzania Library Association (TLA)
Adherence to ethical practices among professionals all over the world is vital in order to enhance service delivery. In information professionals in Tanzania are working in different places by following guidelines and other procedures as per organization policy or acts. The aim of this paper is establishing the need for information professionals to adhere to ethical practices in information delivery. The advancement of ICTs has caused several impacts to both information providers and users. The paper reviewed different literature and documented important information on the need for the adherence to ethical practices among information professionals in the digital age. The main reference of the review is based on worldwide sources, however specific research papers done in Tanzania in relation to this topic under study were mainly referred to. The paper is divided into the following sub-sections: introduction, the need for ethical adherence, features of adherence to ethical practices, importance of adherence to ethical practices, mechanisms to enforce adherence to ethical practices and conclusion. The author is in the opinion that information professionals (librarians, records managers and other information officers) in Tanzania need to be equipped with basics of ethics and conduct in order to improve day to day operations.