Patient medical records database design and development of software application

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University of Dar es Salaam
Hospitals in Tanzania constitute a major portion of the health sector. They consume a major share of the health services expenditure. Thus, improving efficiency in hospitals could free up resources, for either service expansion or improvements of quality and reliability of care. One component that could be instituted to facilitate such improvements is to have appropriate computerized information systems to handle patients' information. Currently, patient information is kept on manual files or cards which can easily be misplaced. Since loose papers are used to keep patient information, they may easily get lost. There is a chance of data duplication for the patient identification number in case a patient losses or forgets the hospital registration card. In such cases, another file is opened for the same patient, thus providing a patient with another patient identification number. In many hospitals, often patient's history is difficult to track down. Hence, the initial step for the improvement in the current hospital information system would be to develop computerized patient records systems in these hospitals. The dissertation focuses on designing a computerized patient records system for the public and private hospitals in Tanzania. The purpose of a computerized patient records system is to increase efficiency, both from cost and clinical care perspectives. It is anticipated that, the system will help to avoid duplications, delays, missing records and confusions, and hence improve staff productivity. The main aim of this dissertation is therefore, to provide a database designed to track down patient's medical history which include; patient particulars, doctor consultations, investigations, prescriptions, appointments, admissions and death. The database further covers the information regarding the staff, clinics, investigation units, diseases, drugs and wards.
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Medical records, Patient care records, Data processing, Health care systems, Tanzania
Munthali, S. K. (2001) Patient medical records database design and development of software application, Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (