Determinants of growth and sustainability of local civil and building contractors in construction industry: the case of Dar es salaam city

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University of Dar es salaam
The construction sector has long been one of Tanzania's economic foundations. This study aimed at understanding the determinants that drive the growth and sustainability of local contractors who are the key players in construction industry such that, adjusting measures may be developed to improve their successful involvement in the construction sector. The quantitative research method was applied for this study, and questionnaires were used to conduct surveys among local contractors and government officials in regulatory bodies. Spearman’s correlation test was performed to assess the association of the ranked variables. The results revealed that majority of local contractors are not growing consistently, and also most challenges affecting their growth and sustainability are faced at both company and project levels including unfavourable tax schemes and loan costs, delayed payments and bad debts, lack of network or contacts in the right places and low market share due to introduction of force account procedure. Also, the study discovered that the most effective approaches to growth and sustainability are found at the strategic level, which are networking and maintaining good relationships with clients, acquisition of construction equipment and other bankable assets, maintaining a positive culture in the company, and implementing a formal system for measuring performance. According to the findings of this study, there is a need for local contractors to devote more in the methods outlined at the company level in order to eliminate barriers to growth and sustainability at both levels. The research gives statistical results for local contractors in Tanzania to use in order to improve their growth and sustainability. Keywords: Growth, sustainability, construction industry, local contractors
available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library,(THS EAF HD9715T34M87)
Construction industry, Contractors, Tanzania
Muro,E.R (2021)Determinants of growth and sustainability of local civil and building contractors in construction industry: the case of Dar es salaam city,University of Dar es salaam, Dar es salaam