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  • Unknown author (The Nationalist, 1965-12-15)
    President Nyerere has sent the following message to president Leopold Senghor of Senegal, President Hamani Diori of the Niger and Prime Minister Mohamed Ahmed Mahgoup of Sudan
  • Unknown author (The Nationalist, 1965-12-16)
    The President of the United Republic, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere has sent the following message in reply to a message of greetings by his Imperial Majesty Haile Selasie
  • Unknown author (The Nationalist, 1967-01-07)
    President Nyerere called on all Tanzanians to abandon the illusion that the country would be built by relying on foreign aid and he pointed out to Tanu leaders that it was important for them to realise and understand that ...
  • Messages 
    Unknown author (The Nationalist, 1965-12-11)
    President Nyerere has received congratulatory messages on the occasion of Republic Day
  • Unknown author (The Nationalist, 1965-12-13)
    President Osman of Somalia and President Nyerere descend from the aircraft on arrival at Moshi airport
  • Unknown author (The Nationalist, 1965-12-13)
    President Nyerere has received from Mr. Rowney W. Mbwani, the only Tanzania student at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Northern Nigeria, a contribution of shs. 200/- towards Nation building
  • Unknown author (The Nationalist, 1965-12-17)
    The Tanganyika Institute of Journalists has issued a statement congratulating president Mwalimu Nyerere.
  • Unknown author (The Nationalist, 1967-08-22)
    President Nyerere leaves Dar es salaam to Tabora where he will hold discussions with senior police officer who are currently meeting there.
  • Unknown author (The Nationalist, 1966-02-14)
    Mr. Karume spoke on length refuting the allegations made outside the country by enemies of the revolution that the country was practicing racial discrimination and policy of persecution towards the Arabs.
  • Unknown author (The Nationalist, 1967-08-09)
    These East African Ministers will not be appointed until December 1, 1967. I am happy to report to the Assembly however that all three Governments have now designated a Minister to be responsible for the necessary preparatory ...
  • Unknown author (The Nationalist, 1964-05-13)
    The president Nyerere stressed that "there is one thing which this plan is not. It is not a substitute for work. One the contrary it is a call for work". The plan covered all aspects of national life and involves all ...
  • Unknown author (The Nationalist, 1964-05-12)
    Members of Parliament from Tanganyika and Zanzibar will sit side by side at the National Assembly of the United Republic of Tanzania and Zanzibar, when President Nyerere announces details of the Five year development plan
  • Unknown author (The Nationalist, 1964-07-14)
    The Dar es salaam based South African Congress expressed their film support for the stand taken by the President of the United Republic, Dr. Julius Nyererere at the commonwealth prime Minister's Conference
  • Unknown author (Daily News, 1977-07-29)
    The chairman of Chama Cha Mapinduzi Mwalimu Nyerere reiterated that age alone will not be a deciding factor in the elections of the party leadership. He said this when he was addressing members of the CCM Youth Organisation ...
  • Unknown author (The Nationalist, 1964-07-08)
    President Nyerere lays the foundation stone of the Mwananchi Development corporation's tractor assembly plant at Pugu Road Dar es salaam
  • Unknown author (The Nationalist, 1964-07-02)
    President Nyerere visited the farm of Mzee Kibiriti at Ikizu in South Mara District (Musoma) the energy, hard work and determination shown by the farmer holding him
  • Unknown author (1964-07-02)
    President Nyerere standing in an open Police Land rover which drove hime around the National Stadium inspecting
  • Unknown author (The Nationalist, 1964-07-02)
    Hands off the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar, this was the warning given to the Big Power by the President Nyerere when he addressed thousands of people at the opening ceremony of the National Festival in the ...
  • Unknown author (The Nationalist, 1965-12-02)
    The president Nyerere has described Britain's offer of an a conditional token air force to Zambia as an insult in the face of Zambia's need and said that in refusing the conditional offer president Kaunda has treated ...
  • Unknown author (1964-07-02)
    President Julius Nyerere showed great interest in one of the exhibits when he attended the opening of the Yugoslav Industrial Exhibition.

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